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Clubcard FAQs

What happens if I lose my New World Clubcard?

I’ve lost my Clubcard – can I lock my account until I find it?

What if I forget to bring my New World Clubcard in-store with me?

What if I forget to scan my New World Clubcard in-store?

I signed up for a New World Clubcard but I haven’t got my card yet. How can I still collect Fly Buys points or earn Airpoints Dollars and get Club Deals?

I signed up for a New World Clubcard more than 15 days ago but haven’t received it yet – what should I do?

I accidentally signed up twice so I’ve got two New World Clubcards – what should I do?

How can I change my New World Clubcard details?

How do I cancel my New World Clubcard membership?

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