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How do I join Clubcard?

What information do I need to join?

Why do you need my date of birth?

Do I need to provide my email address to join Clubcard?

Do I need to be a Flybuys or Airpoints member before I can get a Clubcard?

Why sign up for Clubcard if I’m already a Flybuys or Airpoints member?

How do I choose between Flybuys or Airpoints?

Can I earn both Flybuys and Airpoints Dollars?

Can Flybuys be pooled across multiple Clubcards?

Can Airpoints Dollars be pooled across multiple New World Clubcards?

How long will it take for my New World Clubcard to arrive?

Can I sign up for a Clubcard without joining Flybuys or Airpoints?

Can I sign up to receive Club Deals only without joining Flybuys or Airpoints?

Can I join Clubcard through Flybuys?

Can I load Christmas Club money onto my Clubcard?

What is a Temporary Club Deals Card?

Can I collect Flybuys or earn Airpoints Dollars with my Temporary Club Deals Card?

What is a Tourist Club Deals Card?

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