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Clubcard FAQs

Information about Flybuys

Does my Clubcard replace my Flybuys card?

Why does my Clubcard have a different Flybuys number from my existing Flybuys card?

What happens to my current Flybuys balance when I join Clubcard?

How many Flybuys will I earn with my Clubcard?

How will I know how many Flybuys I’ve earned at New World?

Can I use my Clubcard at all Flybuys retailers?

Can I still scan my Flybuys card at New World?

When do Flybuys expire?

How do I contact Flybuys?

If I update my Flybuys details will that update my Clubcard details too?

Do I have to be a New World Clubcard member to choose New World Dollars as my Flybuys reward currency?

How many Flybuys do I need to earn New World Dollars?

How often can I switch between Flybuys reward currencies?

Can I hold multiple Flybuys reward currencies?

Where can I find out more about the Flybuys reward currencies?

Can I use Flybuys points to purchase New World Gift Cards?

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